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Install and configure a Logscape agent

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Install and configure a basic Logscape agent.


Include the logscape module in your puppet configuration:

include logscape

and add required hiera configuration - for example:

logscape::type:             "%{hostname}Agent"
logscape::version:          '1.3.00'
logscape::management_host:  ''

or with all the options:

logscape::basedir:          '/opt/logscape'
logscape::base_port:        '11000'
logscape::group:            'logscape'
logscape::ha_enabled:       'false'
logscape::initial_heap:     '256M',
logscape::interface:        'eth0',
logscape::java_home:        '/usr/java/latest'
logscape::locale:           'en_GB.utf8',
logscape::logdir:           '/var/log/logscape'
logscape::management_host:  ''
logscape::management_port:  '11000'
logscape::priority:         'LOW',
logscape::replication_port: '15000',
logscape::stack_size:       '160k',
logscape::type:             "%{hostname}Agent"
logscape::user:             'logscape'
logscape::version:          '1.3.00'
logscape::web_app_port:     '8080'
logscape::workspace:        '/root/logscape'
logscape::zone:             'LOGSCAPE1'


License: Apache License, Version 2.0

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